CIBC Sustainable Investment Strategies

CIBC Sustainable Investment Strategies following a best-in-class responsible investment methodology. Our solutions invest primarily in companies that are ESG leaders, with a proven history of working towards improving outcomes for their stakeholders.

The intent of these products is to deliver against a broad set of values for investors that are focused on Socially Responsible Investing.


  • High conviction investment strategies that are actively managed and reflect the core principles of responsible investing.
  • A Best-in-Class ESG Integration approach is utilized, ensuring companies demonstrating progressive environmental, social, and governance values are present in each solution.
  • A strict screening criteria that excludes investing in the securities of companies whose primary line of business do not meet a values-based approach to investing.

Value based exclusions

  • Nuclear Power
  • Recreational Cannabis
  • Weapons
  • Alcohol
  • Gambling
  • Adult Entertainment
  • Tobacco Products

Impact Donations:

5% of the management fees earned by CIBC, after payment of trailer fees, as applicable, on Series A, F and ETF series of the CIBC Sustainable Investment Strategies will be donated annually to organizations supporting Climate Transition activities1.

Carbon Conscious:

While diversified, our strategies will have a lower carbon footprint and energy sector exposure than the broad market. Companies where a significant portion of their revenue stems from renewables will be included, whereas companies whose primary line of business involve Fossil Fuels will be excluded.

Mutual Funds:

CIBC Sustainable Canadian Core Plus Bond Fund

CIBC Sustainable Canadian Equity Fund

CIBC Sustainable Global Equity Fund

Portfolio Solutions:

CIBC Sustainable Conservative Balanced Solution

CIBC Sustainable Balanced Solution

CIBC Sustainable Balanced Growth Solution

  • Fixed Income
  • Equity

1Where monies are donated to a registered charity, CIBC may be entitled to a donation receipt issued by the charity. Any amounts donated are not, in any way, an additional expense to the Funds.