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Finding fixed income opportunities in a higher-for-longer interest rate environment

With the Bank of Canada holding the policy rate last month, it seems like elevated interest rates are here to stay—at least in the short term. What does this mean for CIBC Asset Management’s investment strategy, portfolios and clients?

Join us as we discuss the current state of fixed income markets and the unique opportunities in fixed income investing. We’ll take a deep dive into the role discount bonds, fixed income pooled funds, and alternative credit can play in an investment portfolio.

By Aaron Young, CFA and Sheryl Dyke
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The current state of global economies and what to expect over the next 12 months

Michael Sager, Deputy Head, Multi-Asset & Currency Management at CIBC Asset Management discusses expectations for global and domestic asset classes, currencies and commodities in 2024. Mr. Sager will also shed light on the current state of global markets including Canada, the US, Eurozone and China as well as share our 12-month economic outlook.

By Rob Taylor and Michael Sager, Ph. D.
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Fixed income

Fixed income markets—Looking back, looking forward

When 2023 started few would have predicted we’d see 10-year US T-Bills with rates in excess of 5%. And yet here we are. The question now is: Where will rates and fixed income markets go from here?
By Adam Ditkofsky, CFA, Trevor Bateman, CFA, CA, and Aaron Young, CFA
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Navigating markets

Q3 2023 Global Markets Compass - Key themes and insights from our experts

Explore the top insights and trends from the latest issue of CIBC Asset Management’s quarterly Global Markets Compass to help support your ongoing investment decisions.
By David Wong, CFA, FRM, Michael Sager, Ph. D., and Trudie Brisebois
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Global equities

CIBC Asset Management’s quarterly investment outlook

Learn how current economic events could impact your portfolio.
By Richard Wehbi and Michael Sager, Ph. D.
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U.S. equities

U.S. equities: Opportunities and challenges in the second half of 2023

A reflection upon the year so far and what the balance of 2023 may have in store for U.S. equities.
By Dino Zappone, W. Brant Houston , CFA, and James L. Farrell, CFA
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Global equities

Is it too late —or too soon —to invest in AI?

Learn more about AI and its investment opportunities.
By Rob Taylor and Robertson Velez, CFA
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